Study of incidence & clinical profile of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (ckdu) in a tertiary referral center

Dr. Vajed Mogal

Background: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide health problem. CKD is a progressive condition and ultimately end up with kidney failure. It is distinct by its clinic pathologic characteristics and has multifactorial etiology, being mostly linked to several environmental toxins. In India too, there have been reports of the disease in several pockets.  The present study was undertaken to ascertain the prevalence of CKDu , disease characteristics, and risk factor profile in central Indian state of Maharashtra.

Aims & Objectives: To find out incidence of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology & study clinical profile of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology.

Methods: We selected 248 subjects (age  >18 years) using multistage sampling. After obtaining demographic data, prevalence & risk factors of CKDu were measured in all subjects.

Results : Mean age of subject was 37.8 ± 12.6 years (range: 18-60), 74% were men and 26% were women. Out of 248 patients with chronic kidney disease, 38 (18.09% ) patients were patients of

chronic kidney disease with unknown etiology.  74% patients had rural background and 26% presented from urban background. Dehydration was found to be a risk factor in 5% of CKDu patients.

Conclusion: In this study, we report 18.10% prevalence of CKDu in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra of india which is much higher than other earlier studies in either rural or urban communities in india.