The Subjective Birthing Woman

Darshna Parmar

Objectives: To recognise and correlate the synergy of subjective healing through ancient medicinal holistic practice in conjunction with quantum theory and unified physics. The connection between sexual energy flow (kundalini) birth and development of prenatal cognition on an intuitive level. Resulting in natural conceptions and births. Method: Using meditation and deep brainwave activity of theta, alpha and gamma states to induce healing within the body. Coaching and mentoring mothers’ pre-conception to develop pre-natal cognition and connection to the soul of their child developed and facilitated a healing and releasing of limiting beliefs within their subconscious mind. Changes occurred on a cellular level at different paces according to the subjective nature of the woman. The results were dependent on right and leftbrain personalities, Ayurvedic body type, emotional tendencies and a spiritual connection to their sexual organs and intimacy within their relationships. Results: Healthy pregnancies leading to a confident post-partum period. Women having a deeper connection to their bodies. A wider comprehension of the link between spiritual energy having a direct influence at cellular level. The subjective nature of healing is down to the inner work of meditation, releasing of limiting beliefs via the subconscious and an understanding of her core primal response to her sexuality. These all combined as a holistic practice the KMRT® model was born.