Telemonitoring of Capillary Blood Flow in the Human Skin: New Opportunities and Prospects

Fedorovich AA, Drapkina OM, Pronko KN, Sinopalnikov VI & Zemskov VM*

The oscillatory nature of cutaneous perfusion is fundamental and is caused by the functional activity of various regulatory mechanisms, which is confirmed by various methods of studying microcirculatory blood flow in humans. A conceptually new method for assessing skin microcirculation reviewed here is based on the analysis of video fragments of capillary blood flow in the skin registered with a conventional web camera (smartphone, tablet and others). The method makes it possible to evaluate the character of blood flow on the opposite to the heart “pole” of the greater (systemic) circulation - in the transitional part of the capillaries. Simplicity and usability of capillary blood flow telemonitoring in humans open way for a personalized approach to patient treatment as well as telemedical control of treatment effectiveness in a variety of pathological conditions. The following mini-review offers further insight into the subject.