Study report on work life imbalance impact on job satisfaction in non-clinical staff at tertiary health care center, Delhi

Sonal Gaur, J Saminathan*

Background: The care purpose of this study is to determine impact of work life imbalance on employee job satisfaction in non-clinical staff at Tertiary Health Care Center, Delhi. The data was collected according to the Factors involved which are work life balance and job satisfaction with respect to flexible working condition, suitable salary structure and long working hours. Methods: A sample of 12 Non clinical employees gathered through Non random sampling which has been provided the basis for analysis. Data is collected through self-structured questionnaire and analyzed through MS EXCEL using Simple Mathematical Tools like Percentage. Results: The correlation results show that there is significant positive relationship exist between job satisfaction and work life imbalance of Non clinical staff of Oncology Department of Tertiary Health Care Center. Conclusion: A balance between work and non-work aspects is essentially required for both employees and employers. The ability to achieve satisfaction in all spheres’ of life increases the value of inter personal relationships and as result organization performance toon