Sorafenib: a multitargeted oral agent for the treatment of advanced renal cell cancer

Michelle Lockley and Tim Eisen

Sorafenib is a potent, orally active multitargeted kinase inhibitor. In vitro, it blocks signaling through several pathways essential for renal cell and other cancers. A large body of evidence has now accrued demonstrating the activity of sorafenib, after immunotherapy failure, in advanced renal cell cancer. Although radiological responses to single-agent sorafenib by standard response evaluation criteria in solid tumors are rare, prolongation of progression-free survival has been demonstrated and is associated with stabilization of anatomically measurable disease. Compared with other available therapies such as cytotoxic chemotherapy and high-dose intravenous interleukin-2, sorafenib is well-tolerated, and studies with this exciting new agent at earlier stages in this fatal disease are awaited.