Some heuristic problems of the modern oncology

VM Zemskov*,KN Pronko and AV Chzhao

Some heuristic discussion problems of modern oncology are presented, some of which are under development, and some are only in the future. But in any case, they are extremely important not only for oncologists, but also for specialists in related disciplines. There is a fairly steady trend: the aim of anti-cancer therapy are mainly tumor targets, which is confirmed in this way by the use of LAK-cells, NK-cells, CD8-T-Lph (lymphocytes), Mø (macrophages) armed, stem cells (hematopoietic in the treatment of malignant blood diseases), vaccine therapy, etc. Special words can be said about monAb (monoclonal Ab), with the help of which the targeted therapy is carried out, when they are not aimed at killing a cancerous tumor, as in CT, but at inhibiting its specific receptors-“targets.” In the past year, antibodies have been obtained against cells of the human immune system, which “cancel” inhibitory processes in it, making it difficult to fight a tumor, blocking cancer neutralizers of the immune system. It is very good; the targeted therapy is our future; however, at the later stages of cancer, the targeted therapy often does not work; besides, it is very expensive and effective in a limited group of patients. Now, monAb have been obtained which, using Fab-fragments, bind to tumor AG (antigen), CD3-AG of T-Lph, and by the Fc-fragment, to a NK-cell or Mø-i.e., 3 killers at once kill one target. This is another scientific breakthrough.