Outpatient surgery of skin and soft tissue lesions: case summary and perspectives on training

Jie Pan, Cheng Zhong, Zheren Shao, Zhiping Tao, Qi Ma, Huanhuan Wang, Peter Nelson, Xueqing Hu & Qi Bao*

Background & Objectives: Summarize experience in skin and soft tissue lesion surgery in an outpatient operation room (OR) of a large University department, as a means to demonstrate the surgeries in the training of plastic surgeons. Methods: 242 skin and soft tissue lesions were retrospectively analyzed according to pathological classifications and treatments. Results: From Oct. 2014 to Aug. 2015, 212 patients with 242 lesions were operated on in our outpatient OR. 76 cases were male and 136 female, with a mean age of 33.5. The youngest patient was 7-years old, while the oldest was 74. The most frequent pathological types were intradermal nevus (33.5%), compound nevus (15.3%), epidermoid cyst (11.2%), seborrheic keratosis (8.3%), and hemangioma (4.5%). The top five operation sites were at face (42.1%), trunk (11.6%), neck (8.7%), scalp (8.3%) and nose (6.6%). The coincidence rate of pre-operation diagnosis and post-operation pathological diagnosis was 93.0%. The complication rate was 1.2%. Conclusions: The plastic surgery department of public general hospital has a large number of patients with skin and soft tissue lesions that belong to a variety of pathological types. This provides a good platform to train plastic surgeons.