Identifying and prioritizing unmet research questions for people with tinnitus: the James Lind Alliance Tinnitus Priority Setting Partnership

Deborah A Hall,Najibah Mohamad, Lester Firkins, Mark Fenton, David Stockdale(on behalf of the Steering Group)

Tinnitus represents a major burden of disability, yet there is scant evidence for effective management strategies and a lack of clinical trials to formally test even some of the most commonly used drugs and medical devices. The James Lind Alliance gives a voice to patients and clinicians to identify and prioritize important clinical research questions concerning treatment uncertainties. This article describes the initiative conducted by the Tinnitus Priority Setting Partnership; how it was set up, what the consultation process was, and how the top ten research priorities were identified. For each priority, we recommend a research strategy; either calling for a systematic review or appropriate clinical study. We promote these as topics for commissioned research and as priority areas to encourage researcher-led funding applications.