Giant infected hydronephrosis: A kidney bag filled with 6300 cc pus

Harkirat Singh Talwar, Akshaya Upadhyay, Vikas Kumar Panwar and Ankur Mittal

Giant hydronephrosis has been variably defined in literature as that one that contains more than 1 liter of fluid or comprising >1.6% of the body weight. It is also described as that occupying a hemiabdomen, crossing the midline and occupying more than five vertebral heights. Congenital uretero-pelvic junction obstruction is the most common cause of giant hydronephrosis in children and young adults. Other important causes include vesico-ureteric junction obstruction, ureteral atresia and primary obstructed megaureter. We herein report a rare case of giant hydronephrosis secondary to pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction presenting as an acute abdomen in a young female.