Eye Cancer: Signs and Preventions

Anette Jacobs*

Eye cancer is a broad phrase that refers to a variety of cancers that may develop in various areas of the eye. It happens when healthy cells in or around the eye alter and grow out of control, resulting in a tumour. A tumour might be malignant or benign. The term "benign tumour" refers to a tumour that can develop but not spread. A malignant tumour is one that has the potential to develop and spread to other regions of the body. An intraocular (within the eye) malignancy is cancer that develops in the eyeball. Ophthalmologists, sometimes known as "eye MDs," are medical physicians who specialise on eye disorders and functions. Intraocular melanoma is diagnosed and treated by these specialists. Another kind of eye doctor is an optometrist. They recommend contact lenses and spectacles. They are not medical physicians and have not received training in the treatment of intraocular cancer.