Comparison of Treatment Outcome of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (hold-Relax) Technique and Muscle Energy Techniques on Hamstring Tightness in Asymptomatic Males

Haider Khan Pasha, Sana Altaf, Suffian Khalid, Hafiz Abdul Rahman, Sufian Ahmed, and Samiya noreen

Objective: The purpose of this study was to see the comparison of the effectiveness of PNF (hold-relax) stretching and Muscle energy technique on hamstring tightness in asymptomatic males.

Methodology: This randomized clinical trial was conducted at the OPD physiotherapy department, PSRD Lahore. In this study 60 males were randomly selected in three groups GROUP A males were treated with PNF hold relax stretching. GROUP B males were treated with METS (post isometric relaxation) GROUP C males were treated with METS (autogenic inhibition)

Performa was filled and informed consent was taken from each male. Questioner used for data collection was AKET, SLR, Sit and Reach test were also used for assessment of hamstring tightness.

GROUP A: PNF (hold relax) stretching 30 sec 3 times=1 session 4 sessions in two weeks.

GROUP B: METS (post isometric relaxation) 10 sec 3 times=1 session 4 sessions in 2 weeks.

GROUP C: METS (autogenic inhibition) 10 sec 3 times=1 session 4 sessions in 2 weeks.

Results: Males in group A showed marked improvement as compared to group B and C. P value (0.000) less than 0.05 is considered significant. The mean age of Males for Group A and B was 26+1.2 and 26+0.9 respectively and for group C Mean value was 27+1.16.

Conclusion: It is concluded from the study that PNF hold relaxed stretching of hamstrings in males with hamstring tightness is a significant treatment outcome on AKET more than METS. However, on SLR and SART, all three techniques have an equal effect. When groups B and C were analyzed it was seen that Group B and C showed significant results on AKET, SLR test, sit and reach test and have effect in improving the outcome but the two groups have an insignificant difference between each other so they both have an equal effect, both are equally effective.