Cilnidipine Adverse Effect In Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease Patient With Pedal Edema- A Case Report

Nagaraju Vallepu*, Saikiran Velpula, Bharathkumar Dasari, Mahalaxmi Pykarao, Shyamsunder Anchuri, Manishkumar Thimmaraju

Bilateral pedal edema is the most common symptom in chronic kidney diseased patients. It occurs due to the loss of functioning of the kidney. This may lead to fluid accumulation in the body and also an accumulation of excretory products or waste products like creatinine, uric acid, urea levels are increases in blood. The presented case was hypertensive patient with chronic kidney disease cilnidipine is a drug prescribed for her blood pressure it was calcium channel blocker. These drugs induce the edema in a patient with chronic kidney disease. Here in this scenario need of clinical pharmacist in the area of patient care and improved quality of treatment to the patients for better outcomes. Patients data was collected in profile form and documented confidentially.